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The Whistle Pig Country Store is under construction.

The Whistle Pig Country Store, Deli & Coffee Shop will be an Appalachian-cultured, community-driven, local eatery and gathering place. The store will offer a rich taste of Appalachia through its wholesome country food, prepared meals, made-to-order coffees, locally sourced canned and dry goods, farmers’ market, and seasonal events. A place where you’re invited to “Come in and sit a spell…!”

Two bags of Whistle Pig Country Store coffee, Winter Blend and American Style Espresso with a white coffee much with the Whistle Pig logo on it and a few scattered coffee beans behind the right bag of coffee
While you're waiting for our store to open...

Enjoy a bag of our small batch roasted coffee!

Freshly roasted coffee in 1lb, 2lb or 5lb bags –  available in whole bean or ground to order! Check out our other available products like our tie-died hoodie!

What the Heck is a Whistle Pig?

Meet The Appalachian Groundhog

Whistle Pig is the Appalachian name for a ground hog, nicknamed for its habit of making a high-pitched whistling sound to communicate with its friends and neighbors in its local colony.

Commonly found in rural areas, the extremely intelligent whistle pig is considered a crucial habitat engineer and creates its own complex social, behavioral, and supportive network within its community.

Whistle Pig Country Store, Deli & Coffee Shop logo of a groundhog drinking a cup of coffee with the slogan "Sippin' with the pig" on the mug.


Jan Brown and Melissa Hubbard standing next to a sign that says "Whistle Pig Farmers Market" in front of the old cement block Grocery & Deli store.

Our Appalachian Family

Today, our area welcomes the multiple schools, faculty and student bodies at Lincoln Memorial University, and the thousands of visitors drawn to the history and 85 miles of trails of Cumberland Gap National Historical Park and Wilderness Road State Park.

With this growing diversity, our rich Appalachian heritage has much to contribute to our growing community. We want to offer a place where folks can gather over coffee and breaking bread, and “meet each other where they are.”

Don't run out!

A day without coffee is a day without sunshine!

A closeup of the whistle pig logo with "sippin' with the pig" on the coffee cup
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