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Community, Connection and Comfort!

Our mission is to provide an atmosphere of welcome, warmth and camaraderie with an Appalachian twist. Where friends new and old, can experience and create Community, Connection and Comfort, and enjoy each other’s company. We’ll be offering fresh and tasty foods with the added value of fresh-roasted coffee, and merchandise that promotes the preservation of Appalachian history and culture. Our impact-driven business will also focus on local, fair-wage employment opportunities where employees enjoy their work and feel they make a welcoming contribution to their community.

Pam Brown and Melissa Hubbard clowning it up with a blown up Uncle Sam character in front of a block column

Meet Jan & Melissa

Sisters Jan Brown and Melissa Brown Hubbard are fifth generation natives of Lee County, Virginia, and Hancock County, Tennessee. Their local family roots go back to the late 1700’s. Both graduates of Thomas Walker High School in Ewing, VA., the sisters went to local and state colleges, earned degrees, and had successful careers in the public and private sector. As they each considered retirement, they felt drawn back to their roots.

Once home, as they caught up with old classmates, neighbors, and friends, they saw the hunger people had to get back to what they called community. A “For Sale” sign posted on the old Wheeler Store sparked further interest in an idea that had already begun to form. In 2020, they purchased the store and surrounding property and the dream began to grow.

A closeup of the whistle pig logo with "sippin' with the pig" on the coffee cup
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