The Country Store

Do you remember a country store from your childhood?

Maybe a rustic, inviting place where you were kindly greeted by folks playing checkers as you came through the door?

Perhaps a friendly place where you found interesting gadgets and games, and could get a fresh-made sandwich, a cup of coffee or a soda, saw penny-candy, and locally canned produce like your grandma used to make?

Maybe there were a few rocking chairs around a fireplace, or tables and chairs inside and outdoors where you could sit with family and friends for a meal, perhaps a game of checkers, and some laughter. A place where you could enjoy the community gathering atmosphere of a country store.

Now envision a present-day country store...

…at The Whistle Pig, with that same kind of hospitality along with a few modern twists.

We’ll have two floors of inviting café space with seating to share meals and maybe a game of Rook. You’ll find casual seating areas and cozy corners where you can sit and relax to read or study while you enjoy a snack and a cup of coffee.

Our signature coffee, T-shirts, caps and sweatshirts, other useful and unique items made in Appalachia and other small communities will be available in our first-floor retail space.

Indoor and outdoor fireplaces will draw gatherings for tall tales, conversations, and sometimes music. The covered, open-air space on the East end of our building will have tables and chairs for outdoor dining and will be rented as a venue for community events and space for private parties.

The covered space on the West end of the building will also provide open-air rental and stall spaces for our periodic Farmers’ Markets and seasonal craft and artisan festivals,

Whether a local or just passing through, come join us on the journey and follow this page for future updates on our progress!

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